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    Polytetrafluoroethylene,otherwise call led "Teflon",(abbreviated as PTFE),is one of the most corrosion-resistant mater ials in the world,whick possess the properties of wide application temperature (-195OC~250OC),small friction co-efficient,not adhesive with any other materials and it's the ideal material adopted to make heat exchager which must resist against strong corrosive chemical media.However,PTFE pipes have some bad defects like big thermal expansion co-fficient (13 to,es greater than that of steel),low pressure-resistance,small thermal transmitting co-efficient and so on.In order to solve the latter problems,almost in every country,small size PTFE tubes(or FEP,PFA) are applied(size:Φ6×0.6mm or so)in heat exchanger to larger the heat spreading area and pressure resisting performance.But because the tube is too thin.The media flow resistance inside increases greatly,if for the media which is adhesive or contains solid articles,it's very difficult to work normally.In addition,PTFE tube and the tube plate are melt together by tube end thermal expansion welding way,the welding face(belt)is very narrow(only about 1mm),which requires high technology to melt all the tubes together with the tube plates simultaneously also there is big difficulty.The tube size smaller,quantity bigger,melt face narrower,pressure resisting lower,it's easier to breakoff.It concludes that,for the old products,it's not only complex in structure and processing crafts,but also the quality and working performance are badly influenced,so its wide application is limited.
The characteristics of new product
    Aiming at the probems of old product,our company innovated throughly to the thermal expansion melt craft of the tube and tube plates,and promoted the performance of every part in the heat exchager,and assure the structure & working performance of new product coincident with the normal metal tube-shell heat exchanger.The character istics are:
1.PTFE tube and tube
2.PTFE tube can be assembled,disassembled or renewed freely,which promotes the working life of heat exchanger on a high degree.
3.PTFE tube size is larger,the resistanec inside becomes smaller,which applies for any adhesive or solid articles containing fluid.
4.We adopt metallic PTFE tube (metal-mesh or wire etc,is planted into the tube wall),which promotes the performances of heat transmitting,pressure resistance and temperature resistance.(the metallic PTFE tube's thermal expansion & contraction coincides with that of steel casing).
    1. PTFE tube size:Φ15、Φ20、Φ25、Φ32、Φ38 and etc.;
    2. Heat exchange area:1-200m2
    3. Length:1-6m
Application range
    1. Media:Any strong corrosive chemicals;
    2. Temperature:≤250℃
    3. Pressure:1Mpa----full vacuum。
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