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1, pipeline design illustration

(1)There should be an arc at the corner of flange for lined pipes and fittings. The radius of arc shall not less than 3mm, as shown in following.

(a)平焊法兰;            (b)高颈法兰;            (c)活动法兰;            (d)法兰转角

(2)Pipeline shall consist of straight pipes and separated Elbow, Tees and Reducers, as shown in following.

 合适结构                     不合适结构                       不合适结构

2,equipment design illustration

(1)Metal casing of PTFE lined products shall conform to relevant standards on steel container and HGJ33 Technical Requirements for Design of Lined Steel Case, in addition, it shall also comply with following requirement. Flange connecting structure shall be adopted for the connection of equipment shell and head(in any form), shown as follows.

(2)Inner parts of equipment, such as grids, shall be designed in the form of flange connection or flange clamping. The heating tube, agitator and others inner part of equipment shall be installed after the equipment is lined, whose maximum diameter shall be more than 100 away from the inside face of lining, shown as follows.

(3)The welding seam shall be smooth, if the equipment is welded. Methods such as grinding shall be applied to make it smooth, if not. The straight section of the welding seam shall be as shown as follows.


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